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How to add bleed to a PDF or artwork. Your complete guide

adding bleed to a pdf

The where, why and how guide to add bleed to a pdf artwork Adding bleed to your pdf is really quite easy once you understand and visualize the project.  But first of all you need to understand what bleed is and why you need it.  So what the heck is bleed?  Keeping reading and it […]

4 Tips for Effective Flyer and Brochure Design

Flyer and Brochure Design 4 tips

Flyer and Brochure Design Effective flyer and brochure design is key to a solid marketing plan.  Brochures and flyers are versatile marketing tools that can be used to promote unique and uses and key selling points of your products and services.  Presented in an attractive and organized manner brochures and flyers will help make […]

9 Food Truck Menu Design Tips

food truck menu design cloud 8 printing

Your Food Truck Menu Design is key to your success.  People decide very quickly if a food truck appeals to them just by a quick glance of the food truck menu.  Here are 9 tips to help make your food truck menu more inviting. #1 Understand Your Customer Base As You Design Your Food Truck […]