Brochure Design – 5 Design Tips & A Special Design Price trifold brochure design

Tri-fold Brochure Design 5 Essential Tips

Brochure design:  Understand the tri-fold brochure marketing objective.

1. What is the purpose of the brochure design? 

Is this introducing a new location?  New product or a new menu?  Or is it all about a special sale?  A new location for your company?  Or is this tri-fold or brochure devoted to one particular service?  Are you introducing a new product or a new menu?

2. Who is your audience for your brochure design?

What type of customer are you trying to appeal to?  Are they homeowners?  New homes?  Older homes?  Are they commercial companies?  What are the demographics of your customers old, young?  You need to be thinking about your audience as you begin the brochure design.

3. Don’t bore your reader.

Quickly get to the point of the brochure?  Be creative not obscure.  Use plain language, distinct selling points and tell where to get more information ie:  your web site, facebook, twitter and your phone number.  Reign them in with product points and cost savings.  Give them a reason to contact you.


4. Your Design Must Look professional

Use clear, crisp photos and have a professional looking layout to your tri-fold brochure.    Use eye catching colors, but nothing outlandish or off putting.  Make sure your design is created at 300 dpi high resolution or it will look washed out.  Have the correct bleed so photos and text don’t get cut off.  For more on setting bleed read:  How to add bleed to a pdf or artwork.


5. Have a call to action and a limited time offer.

Most importantly, instruct people to call you now and that they can get an even better deal if they do. Make your phone number prominent and easy to read.  List you your social media links.

Limited Time Offer  $89 Brochure Design

Brochure Design is only $89 (normally $159) when you print 250 or more brochures or tri-folds by 3/31/2020 with call 614-273-0845 click the contact link below for a free consultation.

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