U.S. Postal Service rate changes for 2020.

Post Office Postal Rates 2020 Cloud8printing.com Columbus, OH

Here are the U.S. Postal Service rate changes for 2020.

Rates Effective Sunday, January 26, 2020

2020 postage rates. Each year about this time of year the U.S. Postal Service Office releases its updated postage rates. Take a look and see what is changing and how it affects what you’ll be paying for your direct mail and Every Door Direct Mail in 2020.


Post Office Postal Rates 2020 Cloud8printing.com Columbus, OH
U.S.P.S. Rate changes for 2020

2020 Postage Rates For First Class Mail Postcards

Postcard rates, which applies to individually mailed postcards 4.25″ x 6″ or smaller, will remain at 35 cents. The additional ounces charge remains the same at 15 cents for first class letters.


Every Door Direct Mail – 2020 Postage Rates 

Every Door Direct Mail, EDDM considered one America’s most popular marketing plans, is also scheduled for a slight increase of just under half a penny per home from 18.7 cents per piece to, 19.1 cents per piece.


Postage Rates For First Class Letters

Rates increased in 2019 so we are still trying to get used to that.  Last year, the First-Class letter rate increased by 5 cents to the current rate of 55 cents. The Post Office will cut us a break and leave this alone in 2020. Businesses utilizing First-Class letter metered postage, will also avoid an increase and continue to their discounted rate of 50 cents in 2020. Using letter metered postage is a 10% saving over using first class stamps, a pretty nice savings.


Marketing Mail

Marketing mail (also known as standard) rates will remain flat with First Class Presort automated letters (42 cents) and Nonprofit automated letters (17 cents) keeping the same rate as 2019.  But the very popular Presort Standard automated letters, will see a penny increase on average from 29 cents, to a new 2020 rate of 30 cents.

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