4 Tips for Effective Flyer and Brochure Design

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Effective flyer and brochure design is key to a solid marketing plan.  Brochures and flyers are versatile marketing tools that can be used to promote unique and uses and key selling points of your products and services.  Presented in an attractive and organized manner brochures and flyers will help make your cash register ring.

Flyer and Brochure Design Strategy

Before beginning your flyer and brochure design think about how you plan to distribute them.  Tri-folds are usually a good choice if you plan to slip them into an envelope and mail them or hand them out at a trade show with a business card stapled to it.  But maybe this brochure is a leave behind for sales calls.  There are a variety of good choices if you are designing a menu or takeout menu. Then a flat 8.5” x 11” Flyer would be more appropriate so the salesperson can write notes or a quote on the back. 

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Effective Brochure design means strategically organizing each panel or page

1. Define your flyer and brochure design elements before you begin

Decide on the elements that will be included in your brochure no matter what look your design takes.

  • Images – What photos will you be including.  Do they go together in colors, format (horizontal or vertical), are high quality (300 dpi), is one the cover shot?
  • Fonts – Do you have a company font that you always use?  How many other fonts are to be used?  Try to keep it to a max of three.  Mainly use simple easy to read fonts.  Avoid comic fonts and script fonts.
  • Color scheme – Does your brochure design already have colors assigned to your branding?  Or are not that strict and open to experimenting to meet the task at hand.  Try to have a unity to the various colors you use so each page compliments the others.
  • Draw up a Rough– Hand draw and fold a rough that will show what content will go where.  You don’t need to write out all the actual text. 

2. Organize Your Brochure design Thoughts and Message

Panel by panel page by page define what you want to say.  A brochure is a great tool to display a comprehensive overview of your product or service.  Remember this is selling tool that represents your unique selling points.   A clear message may encourage the prospect to return to it and think further of using your company.

List your contact information very clearly.  It isn’t a bad thing to feature twice on your printed piece.

3. Avoid clutter.  Keep your design simple and clean.

Don’t give this brochure too many duties.  Too many messages and you will end up with a confusing message.  Decide upon a few messages you want to convey and do it in an organized fashion.  And don’t underestimate the power of white space.  Your goal is clarity.

4. Dont skimp on paper stock

Nice glossy paper is usually not much more expensive then cheap house stock.  And if your flyer contains a panel where your prospect will answer questions by writing on the flyer and returning it to you make sure you are using a low or uncoated paper that is easy to write on.  After all, a glossy finish is known for having a beautiful sheen that helps protect your product and makes colors appear rich and vibrant.

If all of this is still confusing or you just don’t have time to devout to it contact a print professional.  Spending time and money on a well designed and printed brochure can payoff big for your business.

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