8 Rules For Good Print Design

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Good Print Design

Clear And Concise Headlines

Good print design begins with short concise headlines. Most people will only grant you a glance of their time.  So
be sure to get your message across.

Use Eye-Catching, Relevant Images.

You are looking for attention. So impress your audience visually, but stay on message.

Good Print Design Images-

Never use copyrighted images or low resolution images.

You don’t want legal problems or have resolution issues. Include clear, crisp photos in your print design with full legal rights may be attained from a large choice of online stock photo sites. Some are free. Try Googling “free stock photos” or “royalty free photos”.

Good Print Design – Keep Your Message Simple.

(Enough Said)

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Call to Action.

Ask them to stop by, call, text, email or click.  Give your offer a deadline for a discount or bonus.  So a good reminder is include your address, phone number and web address.  Proof read everything twice, proof read these items three times.

Color In A Word – CMYK

What is cmyk?  It stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and black,  (I know black doesn’t begin with a “k”, but I am sure an artist came up with this not a wordsmith).  Your choices are Grayscale, RGB or CMYK.  Grayscale is for non-color projects, RGB is for web projects which brings us to the printer’s favorite cmyk.  So set your Photoshop or Illustrator settings to SMYK.  Also, be sure to correctly set your bleed.  For more on that read; How to add bleed to a pdf or artwork.

Typography Is Important in Good Print Design

Pick easy to read fonts and don’t mix too many.  Consider size differentials or Invert white on black (or on any dark color ) this will often give your design or typography more strength.

 Consider printing costs and quality.

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