How fast is your web page speed? Google cares and knows.

web page speed. Man running fast.


Slow web page speed and loading times can really can kill your website’s Google search rating. Google rewards websites that best serve the surfing visitor and nobody likes to wait.  That’s why YouTube commercials are eight seconds long.

Web page speed is often described as “page load time” which is the time it takes to fully display the content on a specific page. Conventional wisdom states that faster pages both rank and convert better.  Page speed is key to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Pages with slower speed have higher bounce rates.  (people becoming impatient and clicking out of your website). And a slow page speed leads to search engines crawling fewer pages which will negatively affect your indexation.

Cloud 8 offers free web speed test scores. Call us 614-273-0845.  Tell us your domain address and we will tell you your website’s page speed. There is no obligation to hire us for anything.

Usually, just a few tweaks can greatly improve your web page speed.  Problems are often related to your websites images. If they are not scaled or optimized Google will punish your website in search results.

There are several other common problems that will drag down your score like browser caching, your CSS script or Java script.

It is a shame if you have worked hard to achieve a beautiful website and don’t reap the rewards because your pages are taking an extra two or three seconds to load.

Cloud 8 can also check your site for broken links. What are broken links? Essentially, they are the parts of your website that you are literally or figuratively saying “click here” and then nothing happens. A broken link is worse than slow speed it means your website visitor is stalled on your page just clicking away.

You have worked so hard and spent so much money on your website. Make sure Google is rewarding you and not punishing you for being a slowpoke.  Contact Cloud 8.  We can help.