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8 Rules For Good Print Design

good print design Graphic Design Cloud 8 Printing Columbus, OH

Good Print Design Clear And Concise Headlines Good print design begins with short concise headlines. Most people will only grant you a glance of their time.  So be sure to get your message across. Use Eye-Catching, Relevant Images. You are looking for attention. So impress your audience visually, but stay on message. Good Print Design […]

Rounded Corners On Business Cards

Rounded business cards with rounded Corners low cost business cards Cloud 8 Printing

Rounded Business Cards.  Rounded corners can make your business cards stand out from the rest of the crowd.  You can round all four corners or just round the top or bottom corners.  And you have choices on the degree of your rounded business cards.  You can slightly round them at 1/8″, or accent it a […]