Rounded Corners On Business Cards

Rounded business cards with rounded Corners low cost business cards Cloud 8 Printing
Rounded Business Cards.  Rounded corners can make your business cards stand out from the rest of the crowd.  You can round all four corners or just round the top or bottom corners.  And you have choices on the degree of your rounded business cards.  You can slightly round them at 1/8″, or accent it a bit more with 1/4″ or 3/8″ or boldly round them at 1/2″  (see photo above). The most popular rounded business card seems to be the 1/4″ rounding. Rounded business cards may add $10-$15 to your order, but you will have a stand out look.  You may also vary the gloss or go with a thicker stock like a 16 Point card.  Consider a matte finish on the back so you may write notes on it.  UV Gloss is tougher to write on. When designing your rounded business card be sure to not have any text or key images near the corners because the printer will need that space for the rounding.  (This is the number one art submission mistake when printing rounded business cards).  Also, be sure to include normal bleed on your art.  This allows a clean cut by your printer.  The rounded corners mean nearly double the allowed extra space of normal bleed.
Rounded Business Card Cloud 8 Printing
When you think creatively you can have a business card that stands out from the rest.  Want something truly novel?  Try a square business card instead of rectangle card with rounded edges.
Cloud 8 Printing offers a variety of size and shapes, of rounded business cards as well a selection of card stock and gloss. The Cloud 8 design team can design your card to your specifications as well.  Ask for design print package. Check out Cloud 8’s website  or call us at 614-273-0845.