5 Tips For Creating Your Own Business Card Design

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Tips For Better Business Card Design

If you are new to graphic business card design and decide to design your own business card here are a few tips to consider as you complete the project.

1. Stay Within Your Printer’s Business Card Design Specifications
If you are going to use a local or online printing service to print your business card design, you need to understand the typical printing requirements.  This will ensure that your business card design is print-ready and the whole process will proceed without rejections and multiple file submissions.

Set the color mode of your artwork to CMYK. Many people submit RGB files, but RGB is more appropriate for web work and CMYK for print work.

2. Stay Mindful Of Business Card Trim and Bleed Lines

Be aware of the bleed and trim lines on your design. Bleed is the part of your design that extends beyond the size of your artwork, essentially you are extending your art past the print area so when the printer makes his cut it will be a clean cut.  If you only had your art go to the actual print size you might end up with a very small and obviously unintentional border. Trim refers to the cutline; the final size of your printed piece. And safe area is the last 1/8 of an inch near your cutline.  You don’t want any text or graphics that need to appear to be close to the cutline.

Lastly, to ensure the graphics print cleanly you are best off submitting art at 300 dpi (dots per inch).

3. Clearly Communicate Your Message

Keep your message orderly and concise. Check your spelling and phone numbers at least twice. Use appropriate fonts, be mindful of their size and don’t use more than two or three fonts.  Business cards are more difficult these days because so much information seem to be essential.  ie:  phone, office, cell numbers, web site , email address and social media.  It can be a lot to fit in on a single card so try to avoid clutter.

4. Be Consistent

Stay true to your brand.  Use the same colors, logo, and type face as you do in your other print pieces, website and company Facebook page.  Stay consistent with all employees.  It looks odd when two people within the same company attend a meeting and hand a person two different looking business cards.

5. Keep a Professional Look To Your Business Card Design

Use software comparable to Photoshop or Illustrator, not Microsoft Word or Publisher.  Print your business cards on good cardstock.  14 pt or 16 pt.  are always good choices.  Gloss is a personal choice some people like a shiny card others prefer a matte finish.  Still if you are leaving the back of the card blank it is often a good idea to not have gloss on the back for the times you want to write down a note, phone number or quote for a client.

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