9 Food Truck Menu Design Tips

food truck menu design cloud 8 printing

Your Food Truck Menu Design is key to your success.  People decide very quickly if a food truck appeals to them just by a quick glance of the food truck menu.  Here are 9 tips to help make your food truck menu more inviting.

#1 Understand Your Customer Base As You Design Your Food Truck Menu

Is your food truck customer base different for each time a day? (breakfast, lunch, dinner) Think of how to cater best to each.

#2 Which print card or flyer format is the most versatile for your menu?

Do you want a traditional tr-fold menu or small simple post card to pass out everywhere.
Consider a business card promo card that you punch 9 times for a free 10th item.

#3 Saturate Social Media with your Food Truck Menu

Include your Facebook or Twitter page so patrons may keep track of you. Tell people on your printed card that they can see more food photos on your social media site.

#4 Show pictures of either your food or truck.

If you have room show both. Make sure the photos are high resolution.
Your phone is capable of taking 300 dpi jpg photos. You need to make sure your camera is setup right.

#5 Make it easy for your printer to make you look good.

Send your photos to your printer as separate attachments.
Try to make all your photos vertical or all horizontal. Or if you want to mix and match have a plan in mind.

#6 Tell people how to find you.

If you have a regular location and regular hours promote this strongly.

#7 Get Partners To Promote Your Truck Menu

Work out cooperative relationships with nearby businesses that will allow you to publicly display your flyers at their locations or cash registers.

#8 Define Your Brand

At a glance people should “get you” and know what kind of Food Truck you are. The best businesses keep it simple.

#9 Plan Semi-permanently

Only put food items on printed handout menus that you will carry for the near certain future.

Here is a link to another author’s  Food Truck Tips For Owners.


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