Shortcode – UX Sliders

UX Sliders are inserted with a Shortcode Generator. Its possible to slide almost
anything by wrapping [ux_slider][/ux_slider] around the content.

Available parameters:

[ux_slider timer="4500" arrows="false/true" bullets="false/true" auto_slide="false/true" hide_nav="false/true" nav_color="dark/light"][ux_banner] [/ux_banner][ux_banner] [/ux_banner][ux_banner] [/ux_banner][/ux_slider]
[ux_slider][ux_banner] Banner content [/ux_banner][ux_banner] Banner content [/ux_banner]

Cloud 8 Will Host Your Web Site So You Are On 24/7

[ux_slider arrows="false"][ux_banner] Banner content [/ux_banner][ux_banner] Banner content [/ux_banner]

Cloud 8 Supplies SSL Cerification to securegoogle Search Status

[ux_slider nav_color="dark"][ux_banner] Banner content [/ux_banner][ux_banner] Banner content [/ux_banner]